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Hair Curling Iron LCD Display

Hair Curling Iron LCD Display

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Suitable voltage: global universal voltage AC110V-240V

Power: 70W, 75W, 90W. 105W. 130W
Temperature control: 80-210 ℃ adjustable, 10 ℃ step
Dimensions: Length of heating plate part: 15 cm Body: 33.5 cm
Stand-alone net weight: 20MM (620 grams). 22MM (640 grams). 25MM (700 grams).28MM (780g). 32MM (860g)

         1. With LCD blue display, real temperature adjustment, choose the right temperature according to hair quality
         2. The lowest 80 ℃, the highest 210 ℃, the temperature can be increased or decreased in a step of 10 ℃.
         3. Rotary and thick power cord, 1.8m cable length, safe to use
         4.Material: High temperature resistant ABS polymer resin plastic shell, using high temperature resistant coating technology heating plate to ensure uniform heating without damaging the hair.
Packaging: Independent color box
Color box size: 20-25mm color box 40.5 * 10.5 * 8.5cm

                         28-32mm color box 39.5*12.5*9cm

plug: US, UK, EU, AU

Specific operation:
1. Before use, insert the plug into the power socket and set the temperature. When the indicator light is on, the curler starts to heat up.
2. You can adjust different temperatures according to your hair quality. You can reach the set temperature by preheating for 1-2 minutes, and you can use it.
3, comb the hair before use, and partition, from the back to the front. If it is used for the first time, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the operation method when the power is off.
4. After use, the power should be turned off / cut off, and it can be stored only after it has cooled down naturally.

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